Tony Wildman Performance Chips

Total Diesel Performance (Tony Wildman) 6 position custom chip

Tony Wildman is one of the most well known Powerstroke diesel programers on the market. TW chips are available from Single to 6 positions and can range from $300 (1 position) to $475 (6 positions).

These programs are custom built specifically to your truck and modifications.

  • Economy is designed to increase your fuel mileage.
  • Daily is a slightly more powerful version of the economy program that adjusts shift points for driving around town.
  • Tow is going to be approximately 50hp increase for the 94-97 models and 65ish for 99-03 models.
  • Heavy tow will have shift points adjusted and an increase in power over the regular tow program.
  • Street Race is for those pesky imports with the coffee can exhausts.
  • Extreme is for the track.
  • Sled pull will have shift parameters adjusted to allow the truck to be in drive and not shift out of 2nd gear.
  • Hi Idle is for the cold days to keep the truck warm and the hot days to keep the truck cool.


    Q: Are TW chips selectable on the fly?
    A: Yes, just let off the gas and switch tunes on the fly.

    Q: Are TW chips plug and play?
    A: Yes and No. A TW chip will technically just plug into your PCM but, you will have to physically remove the PCM to install it. Please view our Install details before purchasing.

    Q: Why does TW chip not display added HP like other chips?
    A: HP numbers are not given out on TW chips because they are custom tuned for your truck and your specific modifications in mind. A tune on your truck will give different performance gains than on another truck with different modifications.

    Q: How much does it cost to reburn a TW chip?
    A: TW chips are and have always had Lifetime Free Reburns.

    Q: What years do TW chips work on?
    A: TW chips will work on all 7.3L powerstrokes ranging from 94.5 - 2003

    Q: Will I notice a difference in power?
    A: Yes, the power you feel will be immediate.

    Q: Does the TW Performance chip make changes to an automatic transmission?
    A: Not only does the addition of the chip increase power and torque but it also firms up the shift points. Firmer shifting that will allow your truck to slip into gear not slam into gear.

    Q: Can I expect better fuel mileage with the TW Performance chip?
    A: With all the TW Performance horsepower chips in almost all cases a 2-4 mpg increase has been reported. This of course will depend on the user's driving habits.

    Q: If I want to change the posistions on my chip, or add more mods how much does it cost to get new tunes?
    A: All reburns for new chip purchases are free for the lifetime of the chip for the original purchaser.

Installation Instructions

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Customer Reviews

    Author: Tim

    I've had my chip in my truck now for about 2 years and can't imagine not having it in there.
    Author: Aaron

    Amazing chip. Fantastic customer service. Recommend to anyone with a 7.3
    Author: Brandon

    The chip is unbelievable, it really brought my truck to life and gave it the power that it was missing. I recommend this chip to anybody that has a 7.3 and wants power under there hood. The only bad thing about this chip is I waste so much fuel playing. Stealth really helped my out with all the questions I had, and had the best customer service you can ask for.